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How Do I Put My Newborn on a Sleep Schedule?

Last Updated . I’m writing this blog post not because I believe newborns can or should be on a schedule, but because I know this is a question frequently asked by new parents. First, let’s define two terms -  newborn and schedule. Newborns are babies aged birth–16 weeks, counting from their due date. If [...]

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My Favorite Products – Newborn Edition

As I’m writing this post, I’m really kicking myself for not putting this list together sooner! Below you’ll find a number of recommendations with links (if you click and purchase, Amazon gives me a small percentage - so thank you!!) of products I found absolutely invaluable when I had my babies. I often give my [...]

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What You May Not Know About Baby Sleep Safety

For a variety of reasons, I am personally and professionally a stickler on safety. When it comes to sleep environments, I never deviate from advising infants and toddlers are sleeping in environments that are totally safe. For the newborn stage, safe sleep habits are often ignored in an effort to produce longer sleep periods. Instead [...]

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The Four Month Sleep Regression

Ahhhhh, the four month sleep regression. Rare is the family that doesn’t experience some sort of disruption to their infant’s sleep patterns around the fourth month of life. Some experienced/well-read parents anxiously dread the impending “regression,” while most new moms and dads are completely blindsided by their little one’s sleep suddenly taking a nosedive around [...]

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Music: Bensound.com The market for baby sleep devices can be very fickle. All the different objects and devices parents use to get their kiddos to sleep can gain and lose popularity very quickly. But you know what never falls out of favor? Swaddling. I recommend swaddling babies in the following circumstances: With pediatrician’s [...]

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Baby’s Sleep Changes

I started Baby Sleep Trainer because I was shocked that I wasn’t able to compel my newborn to sleep “better,” and I spent all my time and energy in the first few months of my daughter’s life trying to figure out how to “solve” her sleep problems and how to “not create bad habits.” My [...]

Toddler Sleep Issues

Even though infants have their share of sleep issues to work through, toddlers are not immune from sleep struggles as well.  While toddler sleep problems present themselves in different ways than infant sleep issues do, they are often (but not always) rooted in the same predicament - a child’s inability to fall asleep unassisted.  Here [...]