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Baby’s Sleep Changes

I started Baby Sleep Trainer because I was shocked that I wasn’t able to compel my newborn to sleep “better,” and I spent all my time and energy in the first few months of my daughter’s life trying to figure out how to “solve” her sleep problems and how to “not create bad habits.” My [...]

Toddler Sleep Issues

Even though infants have their share of sleep issues to work through, toddlers are not immune from sleep struggles as well.  While toddler sleep problems present themselves in different ways than infant sleep issues do, they are often (but not always) rooted in the same predicament - a child’s inability to fall asleep unassisted.  Here [...]

The Myth of “Transitioning” Away From Sleep Props

As many of you have already noticed, there is a TREMENDOUS amount of conflicting information floating around about babies and sleep. One of the biggest misconceptions is this idea of “transitioning” or “phasing out” sleep props. For the purpose of this discussion, a sleep prop is anything your child uses to assist them to fall [...]

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Dealing with Jet Lag and Kids – Asia Edition

I wrote a guest blog post for my good friend Jody Che. The article was specifically focused on the jet lag in kids associated with traveling to and from Asia, but the basic information on dealing with time changes while traveling is in there! Here's the excerpt: Lots of my clients are international travelers, and Asia [...]

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Sleep Training – Twins Edition!

You know those useless pieces of advice everyone seems to continue to dispense about parenting? Things like, “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” and “The dishes can wait,” and, “No screen time before the age of 2!” (Okay NO ONE follows that one, *no one*)? Well, that whole thing about absolutely having to get twins on [...]

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