Stephanie V.


After little baby Henry was born, I was sleep deprived, overwhelmed and struggled adjusting to motherhood. Sadly, I knew that baby Henry was sleep deprived too! I was doing the best I could with the minimal skills...

Lindsey Z.


Natalie was an incredible support through our sleep training process. Her advice and suggestions were always exactly right – how could she know so much about my baby having never met him?!! When I felt unsure...

Dru P.


Working with Natalie was simply wonderful! She gave me the confidence to take the necessary steps needed to help my baby sleep through the night in his crib. She was there as I struggled through the process to...

Tracy A.


Before sleep training my 5-month-old, he was waking every 2 hours through the night. After a very short discusion, Natalie diagnosed what was causing his frequent wakings. She gave us a personalized sleep plan which took...

Jennifer N


“Natalie has been extremely helpful and supportive during this whole sleep training process. It has not been easy for me, or my child, but Natalie was always there for us. She responded so quickly, I always knew I could count on...

Leah B.


As a working mom, the need for normalized sleep reached a fever pitch when my son was 5 months. I knew I needed to make some changes, but guilt and conflicting emotions were preventing me from doing what was right for my son and...