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Talking To Your Kids About Diversity, Difference, Acceptance, and Inclusion

I am THRILLED to bring you this guest blog post by Dr. Siggie Cohen, PhD (@dr.siggie), about talking to your kids about diversity, difference, acceptance and inclusion. This topic is very important, and the advice she provides is so accessible and easy to implement. A little About Dr. Siggie Dr. Siggie Cohen is known as [...]

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My Favorite Products for Adult Sleep

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program as well as other affiliate programs for other products in this blog post. An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. As Baby Sleep Trainer grows in influence, I’ve started to [...]

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How I Learned What Kind of Parent I Wanted to Be

One of my FAVORITE quotes about parenthood goes something like, “I will never be as good of a parent as the one I was before I had kids.” As someone who’s worked with thousands of parents, here’s what I’ve learned... The type of parent who you think you want to be before you have kids [...]

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Why Is It So Hard to Advocate For Yourself?

I am a big (BIG!) fan of something called Orange Theory. If you’re not familiar, OT is a circuit-based, one-hour, drop in workout studio. Earlier this year I decided to once again try to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle. I am not exaggerating when I say that I hate(d) exercise. (And the outdoors, but that’s [...]

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What Surprised You Most About Motherhood (Sleep Edition!)

One of the greatest benefits of working so closely with new mothers is never really forgetting the “baby” stage. (Even though my own kids are school-aged.) Working with mothers of infants and toddlers helps me remember how challenging (and crazy and beautiful) the transition into motherhood can be. My own expectations for motherhood were so [...]

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How I Overcame Postpartum Anxiety

I can’t speak of how I started Baby Sleep Trainer without discussing my struggle to overcome post partum anxiety. Hands down, the 8 months after I gave birth to my first child were the darkest of my life. In retrospect, I think my anxiety stemmed from two issues. First, I am a type A person. [...]

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Doing The Right Thing

Hello lovely Baby Sleep Trainer families! Welcome to the Baby Sleep Trainer Journal. Each month I share what’s been on my mind as a way of staying in touch beyond your sleep training journey :) On My Mind in June You know something I’ve literally never once heard someone talk about? How often doing the [...]

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Giving Back

Hello lovely Baby Sleep Trainer families! Welcome to the Baby Sleep Trainer Journal. Each month I’ll share what’s been on my mind with all of you and I hope this can be one way (of many!) we can keep in touch beyond your sleep training journey. On My Mind in May One issue that’s brought [...]

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