There are lots of things I love about being an American. My parents are immigrants from Argentina, and while they have a love for their home country, they have also always instilled a love in me for the US and what it stands for. One thing that’s always been a bit weird to me though is that Americans don’t really celebrate International Women’s Day. Up until this year, I only ever knew it was Women’s Day because my female cousins would generally send me a text with a heartfelt “Feliz Dia de La Mujer, prima!” Or, “Happy Woman’s Day, cousin!” The best part? They mean it. Each year, nearly every single female member of my extended family remembers to reach out to me and we have a moment where we celebrate being a woman. I can scarcely think of a more beautiful thing to celebrate.

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Why It’s Awesome to Be a Woman

If you’ve followed Baby Sleep Trainer for any period of time, you probably know that I love women (I love men too, but that’s not what Women’s Day is about). I love what it means to be a woman, and even though for reasons I won’t emphasize now, it can be hard to be a woman in many parts of this world. I still love what we are and what we can do. I love that the female gender is generally seen as more collaborative (because we are more collaborative), I love that we can uniquely grow and give birth to children, I love that the part of our brain responsible both for communicating how we feel and understanding how others feel is significantly larger in female brains than in male brains. I love that in the part of the world I live gender norms are changing, and those who are born anatomically male can begin to safely state that they identify as female.

Why Sleep Matters for Women

It is in great part due to my love for my gender that I chose to take Baby Sleep Trainer in its current direction. With the help of an incredibly wonderful, talented, and generous team, Baby Sleep Trainer is able to offer a solution to a problem that almost disproportionately affects women – kids who don’t sleep. Women often bear the major brunt of emotional and physical issues that parents face when a baby wakes repeatedly at night, or struggles to get adequate sleep during the day. For women engaged in paid labor (whether inside or out of the home), a baby who doesn’t sleep well almost always wreaks havoc on her productivity and possibly even her career. If a woman can manage to maintain her family and work responsibilities steadily, while her child is waking repeatedly overnight seeking her assistance to go back to sleep, I can almost guarantee you that the price she’s paying is putting herself and her basic needs last.

Our culture still tends to make mothers feel that if they fulfill any basic need over that of her child’s, then she is a bad mother. No one wants to admit that many times a mother’s basic human needs to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom will be directly at odds with fulfilling her child’s immediate need at any given moment. While it is okay for Mom to put baby down to pee, or for her to put her baby in a carrier strapped to her chest while she bounces and eats a sandwich at the same time, we haven’t quite gotten to the point where it’s universally okay for Mom to take the necessary steps to teach her child to sleep – not only so her child can thrive, but also so that she can meet her own most basic need to sleep at night.

My Gift to You…

Baby Sleep Trainer seeks to help moms everywhere with affordable, hands-on support, and a robust and effective sleep training program. I believe deeply that solving the struggle of sleep is one of the most worthwhile things I can do to help my gender. So to celebrate the gift that is womanhood, I’m offering you a gift, my sleepy mama: 25% off any of my online training programs by using the promo code “LadyDay2019” at checkout*. If your child is under 16 weeks, check out my Newborn Sleep Program which gives you everything I know about newborn sleep and my top tools for getting baby to sleep longer stretches at night. Or, if your child is 16 weeks or older, check out The Baby Sleep Trainer Programs, which will teach you my clear, easy-to-follow sleep training method that can improve your baby’s sleep in just 3-4 nights!

Happy International Women’s Day! <3

*Offer ends Sunday, March 10th, 2019.