How Your Child’s Temperament Influences the Sleep Training Process

I can speak directly to the role a person’s genes play in their personality. Throughout my life, particularly after I had children and embarked on the sleep training process, I have dealt with varying levels of anxiety. As a more newly married couple my husband would simply tell me to, “Stop worrying about things,” which [...]

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How to Spring Forward Gracefully

You like that play on words? See what I did there?!? Nothing stirs up anxiety in new parents, especially those who have painstakingly sleep trained their babies, more than impending time changes. But, fear not fellow parents - the Spring time change is by far and away the easier of the two time changes for [...]

How to Pair Siblings When Sharing Rooms

Many times parents will find themselves trying to decide which two children to pair together. For our purposes let’s say we have three children aged 5 months (a girl still taking a night feeding but not usually waking otherwise), a 3 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy. Let’s also say Mom and [...]

Signs Your Baby is Ready to Night Wean

There are a few signs to look for when deciding to wean your baby off of night feedings. Age: I usually advise my clients that after the age of 4 months it’s safe to assume that your baby is able to go down to one feeding from bedtime through morning. For various reasons some parents [...]

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Eczema, Face Scratching, and Sleep

Peggy Y. recently reached out on Facebook and asked," Is there any advice on how to sleep train/stop swaddling a 6 month old that scratches her face until she bleeds? My daughter has really bad eczema on her face and one night she broke free and I found blood all over her. I don't want [...]

How to Protect Sleep During “Milestones” (Standing, Sitting, Walking)

Another week, another post!! I have to admit, I was surprised to see this as having received the most votes this week. Can’t quite put my finger on why I’m surprised, just that I am. First I should elaborate on what a milestone consists of. There are two different types of milestones: physical (like those [...]

When is the Ideal Age to Nap Train and Why?

Hello mammas! I’ve come to enjoy these weekly posts for the FTMG group - maybe I’ll start to post more often! If you’d like to have your question answered in a future blog post then head over to, like the page, and post your question there. Notice that this week’s question has to do [...]

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How Many Naps Should a Baby Have per Age and Why?

Hello First Time Mommy Group mamas! And all my other parents reading along, I hope you enjoy this post, too. This week we’ll be discussing how many naps a baby should have per age and why. 0-8 weeks Babies do some crazy stuff those first 8 weeks. Sometimes they sleep around the clock, sometimes they [...]

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How to Deal With Sleep Regressions

Here is this week's answer to the First Time Mommy Group sleep poll. Wowza, is this a loaded topic or what?! Let’s start by breaking down what each of these things mean to your baby’s sleep. Sleep Regressions - There are all sorts of sleep regressions. While some regressions occur due to circumstances like travel [...]

FTMG: Early Morning Waking

This is a post for the new weekly First Time Mommy Group sleep poll. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to answer all your excellent questions! Question: Why does my baby struggle to sleep between 4:00 am and 6:00 am? Answer: As a baby/toddler sleep consultant, I typically work with babies aged 14 weeks [...]

In Defense of White Noise

Let’s start from the beginning with what we actually know about white noise.  In the womb, fetuses are exposed to sound that ranges from, at a minimum, 72 decibels all the way up to 111 decibels. That means for the last 14 weeks of their development, all humans have been hearing near constant sound akin [...]

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Family Trip vs. Vacation

Ahhhh, the family trip. Anyone with kids knows that traveling with your kids, especially young kids, doesn't really equate to a "vacation."  I, cynically, like to say that the term "family vacation' is an oxy-moron.  I understand now why my own parents and my husband's parents took regular vacations without the kids.  As I write this, [...]

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