Back to School Routines

You know how there are some parts of who you are that are just unabashedly you? Some of us are pensive, or talkative, or good at math, or have excellent penmanship. Well, I am really great at being organized, and I thrive on routines! Summer is fantastic, and I love every second of it. But, [...]

Why Starting Your Day at the Same Time Is Vital!

Parents seldom realize why starting your day at the same time is vital in setting their child up for success during sleep training. If your child starts their day at inconsistent times each morning, they will never be able to have consistent nap times. Read on to discover my top tips for starting your day at the same time successfully! Photo Credit: Studio 7024 What Time to Wake [...]

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Early Morning Waking

Early morning waking is possibly the most common (and frustrating!) occurrence parents encounter with their kiddos' sleep. Le sigh. This is whether they are sleep trained or not. This issue is so prevalent that I probably get asked about it over 5x a week. No joke. It is VERY normal. And with some time, effort, [...]