Baby/Infant Sleep Training- Tips, tricks, and methods to help your baby get more sleep and sleep through the night.

How to Successfully Sleep Train Baby with Older Siblings

As my team and I worked tirelessly to develop the Baby Sleep Trainer video training series one thought that came up through the feedback channels was that sleep training really is a lifestyle change. Much like exercise or diet, if you want your child to have healthy sleep habits throughout their childhood, then you must [...]

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How to Deal with the Stigma & Judgment of Sleep Training

As a sleep consultant I spend a tremendous amount of time disabusing people of their previous beliefs regarding sleep training. As any parent who has spent anytime in a parenting Facebook group, or googling anything about children and sleep, knows there’s A LOT of information out there. Most of it conflicts with each other and [...]

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7 Most Common Baby Sleep Training Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

  1) Not understanding what sleep training is Sleep training is not about bedtime routines and lavender massages. However, it is about your kiddo learning how to go from being awake to being asleep all on their own. Meaning, being able to fall asleep without the help of a caregiver, a car, [...]

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