Discover everything you need to know about sleep training your baby or infant in a safe and nurturing way.

Daycare and Sleep Training

Many families who wish to sleep train encounter the conundrum of how to create and maintain healthy sleep habits while their child attends daycare. Spoiler alert: daycare and sleep training can absolutely go together! Or, perhaps you are considering the different care options for your child for when you return to work. (And daycare is [...]

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Back to School Routines

You know how there are some parts of who you are that are just unabashedly you? Some of us are pensive, or talkative, or good at math, or have excellent penmanship. Well, I am really great at being organized, and I thrive on routines! Summer is fantastic, and I love every second of it. But, [...]

How to Get Dad on Board With Sleep Training

If you're here, you're wondering how to get Dad on board with sleep training. But before I answer that question, here's a little tidbit about me. I generally shy away from assuming families using the Baby Sleep Trainer online courses follow the “traditional” family model. I’m talking about where Mom is the baby’s primary caretaker. [...]

How Much Crying is Too Much?

Families often ask me, “How much crying is too much crying?” Of course, what they’re really asking is… When I put my baby down awake at the beginning of sleep training, and they protest falling asleep without help by crying, how long is it okay for them to cry? This implies an underlying assumption that [...]

How To Stay Calm When Sleep Training

We talk a lot about how to sleep train babies, when to start, and even how to make sure your baby’s attachment to you remains unaffected during the process. But, we’ve never discussed how to make sure you (usually Mom) can maintain her composure and calmness while sleep training. The reality is that no matter [...]

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Baby Sleep Training for Toddlers

Every parent thinks something different when they hear the term "sleep training." Most will likely picture an infant going through the process of learning how to sleep through the night. However, what many people don’t realize, is that children of all ages often need (and could benefit from) sleep training. Even toddlers! Sleep training is the [...]

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What Is Baby Sleep Training?

I’m not aware of any other commonly used term that has so many varied definitions as the phrase “sleep training.” Various people will discuss the subject without realizing they have wildly different definitions of the term! Even pediatricians and sleep experts mean different things when they discuss the topic. In other blogs, we've established why [...]

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Why Starting Your Day at the Same Time Is Vital!

Parents seldom realize why starting your day at the same time is vital in setting their child up for success during sleep training. If your child starts their day at inconsistent times each morning, they will never be able to have consistent nap times. Read on to discover my top tips for starting your day at the same time successfully! Photo Credit: Studio 7024 What Time to Wake [...]

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Sticking to a Check-In Time

While it seems there are a vast array of sleep training methods to pick from, many of them are almost identical when you read closely between the lines. Nearly every popular sleep training method involves putting your child down awake, visiting with them in some way while they protest falling asleep, and ultimately allowing them [...]

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Having Realistic Expectations When Sleep Training your Child

It can be hard to sleep train your child! Not as hard as all those nights of poor sleep, but going through the process of teaching your child to sleep unassisted is definitely up there on the list of "tricky parenting tasks." As someone who has dedicated my life to supporting families who have trouble [...]

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How Does Baby Sleep Training Work?

Nowadays, the first place almost everyone goes when they have a question is to a search engine. From there, we’re all familiar with the rabbit hole of information and links we encounter. When considering how does baby sleep training work, families might first find related articles on why it’s important to sleep train, or even [...]

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