How to Get Dad on Board With Sleep Training Support

I generally shy away from assuming families using the Baby Sleep Trainer online courses follow the “traditional” family model. I’m talking about where Mom is the baby’s primary caretaker, and is not the main breadwinner. In this dynamic, it’s also assumed Dad works outside the home in paid employment. Many times Mom does some sort [...]

How To Stay Calm When Sleep Training

We talk a lot about how to sleep train babies, when to start, and even how to make sure your baby’s attachment to you remains unaffected during the process. But, we’ve never discussed how to make sure you (usually Mom) can maintain her composure and calmness while sleep training. The reality is that no matter [...]

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Having Realistic Expectations When Sleep Training your Child

It can be hard to sleep train your child! Not as hard as all those nights of poor sleep, but going through the process of teaching your child to sleep unassisted is definitely up there on the list of "tricky parenting tasks." As someone who has dedicated my life to supporting families who have trouble [...]

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Sleep Training and Attachment

I tend to answer the same questions over and over again from clients reaching out for sleep training help. The one I get most often is, “Will sleep training harm my baby’s attachment to me as their mother?” Even when a mother knows logically that her child has a sleep issue. And that everyone would [...]

The Importance of Setting Goals (for Sleep Training) & Keeping Them

Before you have a baby, sleep training might seem like a far-off nebulous concept. Like something your sister-in-law or cousin told you about once in passing. Now your baby is here! And you are encountering the reality that your infant or toddler might need some help figuring out how to sleep independently. Now the concept [...]

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Working Mom Guilt – We Are Over It!

Let's talk about working mom guilt shall we? Due to the nature of my work, I spend a lot of time helping working mothers manage their children’s sleep. One of the highlights of my job is getting to know women in all sorts of varied positions. I’ve worked with a breast cancer researcher, a pediatric [...]

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How to Deal with the Stigma & Judgment of Sleep Training

Last Updated . As a sleep consultant I spend a tremendous amount of time disabusing people of their previous beliefs regarding sleep training. As any parent who has spent anytime in a parenting Facebook group, or googling anything about children and sleep, knows there’s A LOT of information out there. [...]

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