What Surprised You Most About Motherhood (Sleep Edition!)

One of the greatest benefits of working so closely with new mothers is never really forgetting the “baby” stage. (Even though my own kids are school-aged.) Working with mothers of infants and toddlers helps me remember how challenging (and crazy and beautiful) the transition into motherhood can be. My own expectations for motherhood were so [...]

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Baby Sleep Training for Toddlers

When parents hear the term “sleep training,” most will likely picture an infant going through the process of learning how to sleep through the night. However, what many people don’t realize is that children of all ages often need (and could benefit from) sleep training - even toddlers. Sleep training is the process by which [...]

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My Potty Training Journey

Hello Baby Sleep Trainer blog world! This is Rachel, Natalie’s associate (and bestie). And I am writing this guest blog to share my AWESOME potty training experience with Diana of PooLogix. The background… My 3-years-and-2-months-old boy (at the time), who on social media I lovingly refer to as Goose, had ZERO interest in using the [...]

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Is My Baby Getting Enough Sleep?

I’m grateful for the opportunity to shed some light on this question since the answer is relatively straightforward. Assuming we are not talking about newborns, the guidelines I’m about to put forward apply to all kids through elementary school age. Children “should” sleep about 10–12 hours overnight. And for babies and toddlers who still nap, [...]

Toddler Sleep Issues

Even though infants have their share of sleep issues to work through, toddlers are not immune from sleep struggles as well. While toddler sleep problems present themselves in different ways than infant sleep issues do, they are often (but not always) rooted in the same predicament. What? A child’s inability to fall asleep unassisted. Here [...]

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Nap Transitioning Made Easy – Part One (3 naps to 2)

A question I get from nearly every client I work with is how to transition from 3 naps to 2 naps (or from 2 naps to 1 nap, but that’s for another post). Assuming your child is falling asleep unassisted and is taking three naps a day, it’s likely those naps are occurring sometime around [...]

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How to Spring Forward Gracefully

You like that play on words? See what I did there?! Nothing stirs up anxiety in new parents more, especially those who have painstakingly sleep trained their babies, than impending time changes. But fear not fellow parents - the Spring time change is by far and away the easier of the two time changes for [...]

How Many Naps for my Baby or Toddler’s Sleep Schedule?

Last Updated . Knowing how many naps a baby or toddler should have is a huge piece of the sleep puzzle for your little one! Whether or not you choose to sleep train your baby, following an age-appropriate sleep schedule will hugely help your family stay on a good course. Too much or too [...]

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Family Trip vs. Vacation

Last Updated . Ahhhh, the family trip. Anyone with kids knows that traveling with your kids, especially young kids, doesn't really equate to a "vacation."  I, cynically, like to say that the term "family vacation' is an oxy-moron. I understand now why my own parents, and my husband's parents, took regular vacations without the [...]

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