7 Reasons Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping Well At Night

Baby not getting enough sleep at night? Or are you feeling the effects of sleep deprivation yourself? It can feel so daunting to try and pinpoint why sleep has escaped your home. If you have a newborn (baby is under 16 weeks old), I have lots of free resources for you to check out. And [...]

2 Year-Old Sleep Regression

I’ve spoken at length in the past about parents blaming their child’s sleep issues on “regressions.” Through my extensive experience, I have learned that there are only two “real” regressions. One at four months, and another one around 10-12 months. Outside of those two regressions, long term issues with a child’s sleep are almost always [...]

10-12 Month Sleep Regression (and Why it’s Not Time to Transition to 1 Nap)

Here at Baby Sleep Trainer we tend to shy away from using the term “regression.” That’s because I find families will look for any reason to explain why their child isn’t sleeping through the night. (For example, I often hear teething, ongoing and repeated sleep regressions, nightmares, etc.) Yet, the most obvious reason is that [...]

Nightmares, Night Terrors, Afraid of the Dark – Oh My! What’s a Parent to Do? 

Infants and toddlers struggle to sleep through the night for all sorts of reasons. If your child has not yet learned how to fall asleep on their own for naps and bedtime, then normal nocturnal arousals can turn into lengthy wake ups as baby calls out for help to fall back to sleep. But what [...]

Time Changes When Traveling

Last Updated . I get questions every week from clients on how to deal with time zone changes when traveling. This post is mainly for my Northern American clients traveling from coast to coast. However, I do also have articles for Asian travel, and my top tips for family travel! To make this easy, [...]

Dealing with Jet Lag and Kids – Asia Edition

I wrote a guest blog post for my good friend Jody Che. The article was specifically focused on the jet lag in kids associated with traveling to and from Asia. However, the basic information on dealing with large time zone changes while traveling is in there! Here's the excerpt: Lots of my clients are international [...]

How to Help Your Sick Baby Sleep Best and When to Resume Sleep Training

Last Updated . After so much time and courage to finally get a sleep training plan going, here comes illness to put a wrench in your plans and progress! Illness often stops the sleep training process short, and parents struggle to pick it back up again. Or perhaps you have only recently “completed” sleep [...]

How to Spring Forward Gracefully

Nothing stirs up anxiety in new parents more than a daylight saving time related change. Especially those parents who have painstakingly sleep trained their babies. But fear not fellow parents! The Spring time change is by far and away the easier of the two time changes for babies to tolerate. And it can sometimes have [...]

Eczema, Face Scratching, and Sleep

Baby eczema and sleep can be a tough, heartstrings pulling combination! One Baby Sleep Trainer follower named Peggy asked," Is there any advice on how to sleep train/stop swaddling a 6 month old that scratches her face until she bleeds? My daughter has really bad eczema on her face and one night she broke free [...]

Family Trip vs. Vacation

Ahhhh, the family trip. Come and get your travel tips for parents who may actually want to sleep on their vacation! If you're changing time zones, or worried about sleeping on the plane - I've got you covered. This particular post covers some extra travel tips for things you may not have considered yet that [...]

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How to Adjust With Daylight Saving Time Ending

First off, does everyone know it's Daylight SavinG Time? NOT Daylight SavingS Time? Also, does everyone know that the only time you denote time as say, 9 pm PST, Pacific Standard Time (or Mountain or Central or whatever), is after DST ends until it starts again (so between the months of November and March)? [...]

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