Peggy Y. recently reached out on Facebook and asked,” Is there any advice on how to sleep train/stop swaddling a 6 month old that scratches her face until she bleeds? My daughter has really bad eczema on her face and one night she broke free and I found blood all over her. I don’t want to swaddle forever, but she scratches so much. Please help/advise.”

My oldest child still deals with eczema flare ups from time to time, so I know first hand the difficulty associated with trying to keep a baby from incessantly scratching at those itchy patches.

The best solution I’ve found to deal with this particular reader’s problem is to sew the ends shut on your baby’s long-sleeved shirt/pajama/onesie. This may not stop the scratching, but will keep the nails from breaking the skin.

If like me you’re not very crafty, then consider purchasing something from Bamboo Bubby. They have specially designed sleeves and sleep sacks in natural fabrics that can keep the itchy to a minimum.

In addition to physically covering the hands, make sure to:

*Keep your baby’s fingernails short;

*Maintain your baby’s room at a cool temperature (body heat rises at night and the hotter the body is, the more eczema will flare up);

*Use a dermatologist approved and baby-safe moisturizer right before bedtime;

*Use only 100% natural and non-irritating fabrics for sheets and pajamas.

Hopefully with a few changes Peggy’s baby can soon sleep soundly through the night.