What Helps Baby Sleep When Teething?

Of all the issues that might disrupt a baby’s sleep (like rolling, standing, or illness), few things send families into a tizzy more than teething. This seemingly endless process starting as early as 4 months, and lasting as long as preschool, is blamed for any number of sleep problems. So what helps baby sleep when [...]

How to Protect Sleep During Milestones (Standing, Sitting, Walking)

There are two different types of milestones: physical (like those mentioned in the title) and cognitive. I will focus today on physical milestones, mostly because those tend to disrupt sleep in a very obvious way. As a reminder, this post is about how to protect sleep during milestones. This implies that your child is already [...]

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Are Sleep Regressions Real?

Often in parenting circles things are discussed in such a way that everyone assumes something is real. I’ve found this to be the case with sleep regressions. Not to toot my own horn, but my client count is now pushing 5,000 families. After working with so many babies I started to wonder, are baby sleep [...]

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Time Changes When Traveling

Last Updated . I get questions every week from clients on how to deal with time zone changes when traveling. This post is mainly for my Northern American clients traveling from coast to coast. However, I do also have articles for Asian travel, and my top tips for family travel! To make this easy, [...]

Baby’s Sleep Changes

We've all heard some version of that saying — "the only thing we can count on happening in life is change." I started Baby Sleep Trainer because I was shocked that I wasn’t able to compel my newborn to sleep “better.” And I spent all my time and energy in the first few months of [...]

Dealing with Jet Lag and Kids – Asia Edition

I wrote a guest blog post for my good friend Jody Che. The article was specifically focused on the jet lag in kids associated with traveling to and from Asia. However, the basic information on dealing with large time zone changes while traveling is in there! Here's the excerpt: Lots of my clients are international [...]

How to Successfully Sleep Train Baby with Older Siblings

Let me start by saying that it is possible to successfully sleep train baby with older siblings. In creating the Baby Sleep Trainer Program, one thought that came up through the feedback channels is that sleep training really is a lifestyle change. It's just like diet and exercise. If you want your child to have [...]

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How to Help Your Sick Baby Sleep Best and When to Resume Sleep Training

Last Updated . As if it doesn’t take so much time and courage to finally get a sleep training plan going, it seems illness threatens to put a wrench in your plans and progress! Since it can take so much motivation to start sleep training in the first place, illness often stops the [...]

How Your Child’s Temperament Influences the Sleep Training Process

I can speak directly to the role a person’s genes play in their personality. Throughout my life, particularly after I had children, I have dealt with varying levels of anxiety. As a more newly married couple my husband would simply tell me, “Stop worrying about things.” Of course saying this only made me worry more [...]

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