How To Sleep Train Baby with An Older Sibling

It is possible to successfully sleep train baby with an older sibling (or siblings). In creating the Baby Sleep Trainer Program, one thought that came up through the feedback channels is that sleep training really is a lifestyle change. It's just like diet and exercise. For healthy sleep habits, you must ensure that you are [...]

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How to Help Your Sick Baby Sleep Best and When to Resume Sleep Training

Last Updated . After so much time and courage to finally get a sleep training plan going, here comes illness to put a wrench in your plans and progress! Illness often stops the sleep training process short, and parents struggle to pick it back up again. Or perhaps you have only recently “completed” sleep [...]

How to Properly Dream Feed Your Baby

Learning how to dream feed baby is quite simple. Yay! Yet dream feeding is one of those terms that gets tossed around so much that everyone assumes that everyone else knows the exact meaning of the term. When you dig a little deeper, you see that people have WILDLY different definitions of the same exact [...]

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How Your Child’s Temperament Influences the Sleep Training Process

Baby temperament and sleep training heavily influence each other. And I can speak directly to the role a person’s genes play in their personality. Photo Credit: Yousef Espanioly Throughout my life, particularly after I had children, I have dealt with varying levels of anxiety. As a more newly married couple, my husband would [...]

How to Spring Forward Gracefully

Nothing stirs up anxiety in new parents more than a daylight saving time related change. Especially those parents who have painstakingly sleep trained their babies. But fear not fellow parents! The Spring time change is by far and away the easier of the two time changes for babies to tolerate. And it can sometimes have [...]

How to Pair Siblings When Sharing Rooms

  Many times parents will find themselves trying to decide which two children to pair together when sharing rooms. There are a few factors to consider which may not be obvious at first.  For our purposes, let’s say we have three children: one aged 5-months-old (a girl still taking a night feeding but not usually [...]

Eczema, Face Scratching, and Sleep

Baby eczema and sleep can be a tough, heartstrings pulling combination! One Baby Sleep Trainer follower named Peggy asked," Is there any advice on how to sleep train/stop swaddling a 6 month old that scratches her face until she bleeds? My daughter has really bad eczema on her face and one night she broke free [...]

Early Morning Waking

Early morning waking is possibly the most common (and frustrating!) occurrence parents encounter with their kiddos' sleep. Le sigh. This is whether they are sleep trained or not. This issue is so prevalent that I probably get asked about it over 5x a week. No joke. It is VERY normal. And with some time, effort, [...]