Sleep Training – Twins Edition!

You know those useless pieces of advice everyone seems to continue to dispense about parenting? Things like, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” And, “The dishes can wait.” And, “No screen time before the age of 2!” (Okay NO ONE follows that one, *no one*.) Well, that whole thing about absolutely having to get twins on [...]

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How to Successfully Sleep Train Baby with Older Siblings

Let me start by saying that it is possible to successfully sleep train baby with older siblings. In creating the Baby Sleep Trainer Program, one thought that came up through the feedback channels is that sleep training really is a lifestyle change. It's just like diet and exercise. If you want your child to have [...]

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5 Tips to Get Two Babies Under 2-years-old to Sleep in the Same Room

1.Get a feel for your older child’s sleep temperament Is your older kiddo a sensitive sleeper? Or can he sleep through fire engine lights and sirens going past his window? Get a feel for how easily your older child wakes, and especially how easily he falls back to sleep when woken up, [...]

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How to Pair Siblings When Sharing Rooms

  Many times parents will find themselves trying to decide which two children to pair together when sharing rooms. There are a few factors to consider which may not be obvious at first.  For our purposes, let’s say we have three children: one aged 5-months-old (a girl still taking a night feeding but not usually [...]