How to Help Baby Sleep on a Plane

Admittedly, it’s been several years since I’ve helped my little ones sleep on a plane. I confess that it gave me such anxiety that I avoided it as much as possible. However, I flew back and forth frequently with my first child because while I lived in Manhattan, our extended family lived on the west [...]

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Time Changes When Traveling

Last Updated . I get questions every week from clients on how to deal with time zone changes when traveling. This post is mainly for my Northern American clients traveling from coast to coast. However, I do also have articles for Asian travel, and my top tips for family travel! To make this easy, [...]

Dealing with Jet Lag and Kids – Asia Edition

I wrote a guest blog post for my good friend Jody Che. The article was specifically focused on the jet lag in kids associated with traveling to and from Asia. However, the basic information on dealing with large time zone changes while traveling is in there! Here's the excerpt: Lots of my clients are international [...]

Family Trip vs. Vacation

Ahhhh, the family trip. Come and get your travel tips for parents who may actually want to sleep on their vacation! If you're changing time zones, or worried about sleeping on the plane - I've got you covered. This particular post covers some extra travel tips for things you may not have considered yet that [...]

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