Discover everything you need to know to get started with sleep training your baby or infant in a safe and nurturing way.

How to Get Dad on Board With Sleep Training

If you're here, you're wondering how to get Dad on board with sleep training. But before I answer that question, here's a little tidbit about me. I generally shy away from assuming families using the Baby Sleep Trainer online courses follow the “traditional” family model. I’m talking about where Mom is the baby’s primary caretaker. [...]

How Much Crying is Too Much?

Families often ask me, “How much crying is too much crying?” Of course, what they’re really asking is… When I put my baby down awake at the beginning of sleep training, and they protest falling asleep without help by crying, how long is it okay for them to cry? This implies an underlying assumption that [...]

Baby Sleep Training for Toddlers

Every parent thinks something different when they hear the term "sleep training." Most will likely picture an infant going through the process of learning how to sleep through the night. However, what many people don’t realize, is that children of all ages often need (and could benefit from) sleep training. Even toddlers! Sleep training is the [...]

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What Is Baby Sleep Training?

I’m not aware of any other commonly used term that has so many varied definitions as the phrase “sleep training.” Various people will discuss the subject without realizing they have wildly different definitions of the term! Even pediatricians and sleep experts mean different things when they discuss the topic. In other blogs, we've established why [...]

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How Does Baby Sleep Training Work?

Nowadays, the first place almost everyone goes when they have a question is to a search engine. From there, we’re all familiar with the rabbit hole of information and links we encounter. When considering how does baby sleep training work, families might first find related articles on why it’s important to sleep train, or even [...]

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Why Sleep Train My Baby?

When I started Baby Sleep Trainer years ago, I never knew helping families get their babies to sleep through the night and take healthy naps would still be my life’s work and passion years into the future. Sometimes I forget that parents ask themselves every day, “Why sleep train my baby?” Let’s focus on some [...]

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Sleep Training Methods: Which is Best for Your Baby or Toddler?

Many parents wonder, which is the best sleep training method to use on my baby? I think it’s normal that families, mothers in particular, spend a lot of time researching different baby sleep training methods. We live in a time where we have such a huge amount of information available to us 24/7. Sometimes, if [...]

What You May Not Know About Baby Sleep Safety

For a variety of reasons, I am personally and professionally a stickler on safety. When it comes to sleep, I never deviate from advising infants and toddlers to sleep in environments that are totally safe. In the newborn stage, safe sleep habits are often ignored in an effort to produce longer sleep periods. Instead of [...]

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The Myth of “Transitioning” Away From Sleep Props

As many of you have already noticed, there is a TREMENDOUS amount of conflicting information floating around about babies and sleep. One of the biggest misconceptions is this idea of “transitioning” or “phasing out” sleep props. For the purpose of this discussion, a sleep prop is anything your child uses to assist them to fall [...]

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Getting Started with the Baby Sleep Trainer Method

Understandably a lot of parents wonder when is the right time to start using the Baby Sleep Trainer method to sleep train their infant or toddler. Since some methods claim to be able to sleep train newborns, while others ask you to wait until baby is 6 months old, it’s understandable parents are curious as [...]

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