Hello lovely! Welcome to our sleep training success stories! Each week we invite a previously EXHAUSTED mom or dad to share their sleep training success with you! Brittany Barnett, mother to Winston, sleep trained with me when baby was 4 months old. Here is their story…..

brunette mom and baby

Photo Credit: Brittany Barnett

I finally decided to bite the bullet and sleep train because….

Sleep is just as important as feeding my baby for development.

My biggest worry about sleep training was….

Not seeing results or giving in and not being able to stay consistent.

Before sleep training my baby slept…

2-3 hours at a time.

After sleep training my baby sleeps….

5-8 hours a night 🙂

The actual sleep training itself was….

Not as difficult as I thought it would be!

Do you think sleep training is healthy for baby, you, and your family?


(Picture yourself telling a close girlfriend) Sleep training is….

The best investment thus far.

How many nights did it take for baby’s nighttime sleep to improve?

Just 2!

Would you recommend BST to a friend and if so, who and why?

YES. Just the other day. My friend Alyse 🙂

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Got a success story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email. Your Partner in Sleep, Natalie xoxo