Welcome to our baby sleep training success stories! Each week we feature a family who has been through it, survived, and is finally thriving with more sleep and less stress! Kellie Baranovich, mother to Layla, sleep trained with me at 11 months old. Here is their story…..
sleep training success

I finally decided to bite the bullet and sleep train because….

My husband and I had to sit in a chair holding our baby the entire night because she refused to sleep in the crib.

My biggest worry about sleep training was….

That it wouldn’t work.

Before sleep training my baby slept….

She slept pretty well from 5-8 months old . Meaning she would only wake up once in the night or not at all. Once we went away when she was 8.5 months she completely stopped wanting to sleep in her crib and every night would be crying and broken sleep in our arms.

After sleep training my baby sleeps….

She is sleeping through the night 7:30pm – 6:00am usually. If she wakes up, it’s once and she cries a little and goes back to sleep. Her naps are one hour each in her crib.

The sleep training process itself was….

It was not as bad as I expected. Especially because it worked so well. She adapted SO much better then I thought she would. Super proud of her!

Did your attachment with your baby change in a positive or a negative way after sleep training?

Positive!!!! So positive. My mood and energy (from sleeping) are 1000 times better and I am able to be such a better mom to my daughter. I was in an awful mood everyday when i was in the sleepless cycle. It changed everything for me and my relationship with her. I have more patience with her and I enjoy our time together so much more now that I am not just focusing on if I will get any sleep.

Do you feel like sleep training was a healthy choice for baby, you, and your family?

This was one of the best health decisions my husband and I made. Sleep is vital to live. For both our daughter and us.

How would you respond to hearing, “Sleep training is selfish”?

I think it’s more selfish to have a baby that doesn’t have sleep routines and isn’t getting adequate restful sleep. There is nothing selfish about training your baby to sleep. We train them to eat, brush their teeth, be kind, share, etc. They depend on us to make sure they have everything they need, including rest.

How many nights did it take for baby’s nighttime sleep to improve and how many nights did it take for baby’s naps to improve?

It honestly all improved as soon as we started.

Would you recommend BST to a friend and if so, who and why?

I have recommended this to several friends and coworkers (and strangers lol!) because I have not felt so low in my life as the month I barely slept. I know how it feels to be stuck and just sad that you can’t enjoy your kid or your life in general. No one deserves that, especially hard working parents.

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