How I Overcame Postpartum Anxiety

I can’t speak of how I started Baby Sleep Trainer without discussing my struggle to overcome post partum anxiety. Hands down, the 8 months after I gave birth to my first child were the darkest of my life. In retrospect, I think my anxiety stemmed from two issues. First, I am a type A person. [...]

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How to Get Dad on Board With Sleep Training

If you're here, you're wondering how to get Dad on board with sleep training. But before I answer that question, here's a little tidbit about me. I generally shy away from assuming families using the Baby Sleep Trainer online courses follow the “traditional” family model. I’m talking about where Mom is the baby’s primary caretaker. [...]

How Much Crying is Too Much?

Families often ask me, “How much crying is too much crying?” Of course, what they’re really asking is… When I put my baby down awake at the beginning of sleep training, and they protest falling asleep without help by crying, how long is it okay for them to cry? This implies an underlying assumption that [...]

Success Story: Nona Bararsani

If you're looking for support in teaching your baby how to fall sleep unassisted, Natalie Willes is your guide! Using her tried and tested method, thousands of families have found success and are now healthier, happier and much better rested as a result. This week we speak to Nona Bararsani, mother to Cyrus, who sleep [...]

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Top 3 Tips for Baby Sleep Safety

Sleep safety is paramount at Baby Sleep Trainer. For all the unfounded concerns about sleep training and crying, I often wish families would be more concerned about their child’s sleep environment. Especially since once a child is sleep trained, they’ll be spending about 12 hours overnight in their crib, and around 2-3 hours each day. [...]

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Success Story: Kellie Baranovich

Welcome to our baby sleep training success stories! Each week we feature a family who has been through it, survived, and is finally thriving with more sleep and less stress! Kellie Baranovich, mother to Layla, sleep trained with me at 11 months old. Here is their story….. I finally decided to bite the bullet and [...]

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What Helps Baby Sleep When Teething?

Of all the issues that might disrupt a baby’s sleep (like rolling, standing, or illness), few things send families into a tizzy more than teething. This seemingly endless process starting as early as 4 months, and lasting as long as preschool, is blamed for any number of sleep problems. So what helps baby sleep when [...]

What Are Baby Sleep Cycles?

As families delve more deeply into what sleep training is and when to start, parents will often ask themselves, “What are baby sleep cycles?” Infant sleep cycles are very similar to adult sleep cycles. However, there are some significant variations which I will cover in more detail below. Photo Credit: Nynne Schrøder What [...]

Success Story: Meredith Amezquita

Teaching your baby to sleep through the night is a valuable life lesson. But it can be overwhelming to know where to start! Welcome the the Baby Sleep Trainer success stories, where we share stories from the baby sleep frontline. This week we caught up with Meredith, who used the Baby Sleep Trainer method to [...]

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Success Story: Elizabeth Keenan

Need help getting baby to sleep? Teaching your baby that it's safe and healthy to fall asleep unassisted is a valuable life lesson. But it can be overwhelming to know where to start! Welcome the the Baby Sleep Trainer success stories, where we share stories from the baby sleep frontline. This week we caught up [...]

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How to Help Baby Sleep on a Plane

Admittedly, it’s been several years since I’ve helped my little ones sleep on a plane. I confess that it gave me such anxiety that I avoided it as much as possible. However, I flew back and forth frequently with my first child because while I lived in Manhattan, our extended family lived on the west [...]

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