We’re sharing our fave success stories from the baby sleep trainer front line. Today we talk to Wendy Barajas who sleep trained Olivia using the Baby Sleep Trainer method when she was 16 months old. Enjoy!

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Photo courtesy Wendy Barajas

My biggest worry about sleep training was….

Thinking my baby will be negatively affected in some way because I allowed her to cry.

Before sleep training my baby slept….

No more than 3 hour stretches

After sleep training my baby sleeps….

All night, but wakes up once a night, occasionally.

The sleep training process itself was….

Scary. After the second night I felt confident.

Did your attachment with your baby change in a positive or a negative way after sleep training?

Positive. I almost felt resentful before because I was extremely exhausted. Once I was able to rest, my negative thoughts turned positive and I feel she is resting just as much as I am.

Do you feel like sleep training was a healthy choice for baby, you, and your family?

It definitely was. My daughter’s father works all night so I had to take on the night shift without any help. It has been by far one of the best decisions we have made.

How would you respond to hearing, “Sleep training is selfish”?

Sleep training isn’t for everyone. I honestly feel my baby is much happier getting a full night sleep and it is crucial to have a happy functioning parent who is not extremely tired all the time. My child goes to sleep content and wakes up with a big smile on her face. I don’t feel this change was selfish at all.

How many nights did it take for baby’s nighttime sleep to improve and how many nights did it take for baby’s naps to improve?

4 days to have a complete full good night and naps took maybe a week longer? The key was routine, in making sure things happened at the same time, every day. Once I got that down, she responded very well.

Would you recommend BST to a friend and if so, who and why?

Absolutely. My mood and overall wellbeing changed drastically when I began to feel rested. I was able to have the energy to fully function the next day. I felt happier and I’m 100% sure my daughter fed of my energy. She is happy, well rested, as am I.
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