Welcome to our sleep training success stories! Each week we invite a previously EXHAUSTED mom or dad to share their sleep training success with you! Becki Collette, mother to 2 year old Porter, sleep trained with me when Porter was 6 months old. Here is their story…..

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Photo Credit: Becki Collette

I finally decided to bite the bullet and sleep train because….

I was completely sleep deprived! Porter would wake up every 2-3 hours through the night. I also had horrid postpartum depression. Rational thinking wasn’t a common occurrence at that point in my life. I desperately needed uninterrupted sleep.

My biggest worry about sleep training was….

Having to let Porter cry for extended periods of time. I wasn’t sure if the program would be like other CIO programs I’ve heard of before. I also worried if I could stick with it. The nap schedule, etc. Thankfully it was an easy transition!

Before sleep training my baby slept….

HORRIBLY! He woke every 2-3 hours through the night. His naps were decent in length, but sporadic throughout the day.

After sleep training my baby sleeps….

AMAZINGLY!! There were a handful of times Porter would wake up once or twice through the night, but he’d just fuss – and would quickly calm himself and go back to sleep. Shortly after sleep training, Porter would sleep 12 hours straight through the night!

The actual sleep training itself was….

Easier than expected! I was SO nervous that I wouldn’t be able to stick with it. But I followed Natalie’s sleep plan exactly & it all fell into place. I watched for the queues Natalie taught me. It’s like Porter was needing and craving routine and a schedule.

Did your attachment with your baby change after sleep training?

Absolutely not negatively. If anything it strengthened the attachment and bond between us – because I was actually rested and coherent!

Do you think sleep training is healthy for baby, you, and your family?

Absolutely! Natalie’s method doesn’t leave your baby crying for extended periods of time. Teaching your child how to fall asleep on their own is a lifelong gift! Having a baby/toddler/child/teenager/adult that is well rested is healthy for everyone!!

What would you say to a close friend about your sleep training experience?…

MAGICAL! There really is no better word. I guess there are a couple that come close…A LIFESAVER, PRICELESS, EPIC!

How would you respond to hearing, “Sleep training is selfish”?

Me personally, I think that statement is the far from the truth. But that’s the beauty of parenting – everyone gets to choose what works for them and what doesn’t. For me, it was like teaching my child any other skill they need to function as a healthy, productive adult. Is it selfish to teach your baby to talk or eat or share with others? I look at sleep as a life skill that sometimes needs to be taught.

How many nights did it take for baby’s nighttime sleep to improve and how many nights did it take for baby’s naps to improve?

I could see improvement in 2-3 nights. Incredible improvement (sleeping through the night on average) in 5-6 nights. Nap times were a little longer to become regular. Improvement definitely within 3-4 days, and regular in length within about 7-10 days.

Would you recommend BST to a friend and if so, who and why?

I have recommended Baby Sleep Training to every single new mom that talks about lack of sleep. I’ve bought the book and have it as a gift at a “My Favorite Things” party! It seriously is one of my favorite discoveries. I never knew sleep trainers existed. I didn’t have time (or sleep deprived brain capacity) to read multiple books and figure out what would work best for me and my baby. Having an expert that knew all of the answers tell me exactly how to make this work was PRICELESS! The experience and expertise that made a personalized plan for me and my baby was with every penny. Thank you Natalie, from the bottom of my heart!

If you are experiencing sleep issues with your little one, you can get the help you need with one of my efficient, affordable programs. Click here to learn more. Got a success story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email here. Your partner in sleep, Natalie x0