The market for baby sleep devices can be very fickle. All the different objects and devices parents use to get their kiddos to sleep can gain and lose popularity very quickly. But you know what never falls out of favor? Swaddling.

When to Swaddle

I recommend swaddling babies in the following circumstances:

  1. With pediatrician’s approval.

  2. From newborn until either baby shows signs of rolling in either direction,

  3. OR, once sleep training commences, whichever happens first.

While you may notice your 7 month old still appreciates the swaddle, it is dangerous to swaddle a baby once they show signs that that may even be thinking about rolling over. Also, once you start to sleep train (anytime after week 16), a swaddle is considered a sleep prop. So you’ll want to immediately cease using it on the first night of training.

How to Swaddle

In the meantime, know that swaddling properly is actually quite easy! It also doesn’t require too much special equipment. Even though many special swaddle blankets have come on the market, I still recommend using a double swaddle. You do this by pairing the oldie-but-goodie SwaddleMe with a large muslin blanket (think Aden and Anais).

While I could try to describe how to swaddle, the video at the top is much better! Please know that I recommend this swaddle technique because it is dang near impossible for a baby under the age of four months to break out! And busting out of swaddles almost always equals disrupted sleep. So if we can keep the swaddle secure, baby will likely sleep more deeply, for longer stretches of time.

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