Eat-Wake-Sleep Cycle

Last Updated . Parents will see the “Eat, Wake, Sleep” cycle recommended in various books and online as a way to encourage their newborn to sleep longer. The reason the eat wake sleep (EWS) cycle has persisted as a recommendation for over a decade is because it really is an effective way to get [...]

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Signs Your Baby is Ready to Night Wean

Deciding when to wean your baby off of their nighttime feeding(s) is a conversation you should definitely have with your pediatrician. This is to ensure your baby's weight and health is optimal for dropping any feedings they may be receiving. I actually require my clients who work with me to ask their pediatrician first how [...]

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How to Wean off Night Feedings

The first step in how to wean off night feedings is making sure your baby's pediatrician approves of the plan. A parent can ask, “Is it okay for my child to go 12 hours overnight without a feeding?” And, “Can I wean all feedings cold turkey?” Keep in mind it’s possible to wean to only [...]

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