My Potty Training Journey

Hello Baby Sleep Trainer blog world! This is Rachel, Natalie’s associate (and bestie), and I am writing this guest blog to share my AWESOME potty training experience with Diana of PooLogix. The background… My 3-years-and-2-months-old boy (at the time), who on social media I lovingly refer to as Goose, had ZERO interest in using the [...]

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My Favorite Products – Newborn Edition

As I’m writing this post, I’m really kicking myself for not putting this list together sooner! Below you’ll find a number of recommendations with links (if you click and purchase, Amazon gives me a small percentage - so thank you!!) of products I found absolutely invaluable when I had my babies. I often give my [...]

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How to Deal with the Stigma & Judgment of Sleep Training

As a sleep consultant I spend a tremendous amount of time disabusing people of their previous beliefs regarding sleep training. As any parent who has spent anytime in a parenting Facebook group, or googling anything about children and sleep, knows there’s A LOT of information out there. Most of it conflicts with each other and [...]

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