“Here are three misunderstood elements of sleep for infants and children age 5-18:

1. Brain development – A study released recently by Dr. Gravin, M.D. and Dr. Brown, Ph.D. demonstrated that proper sleep cycles are necessary for the development of neurosensory and motor systems in fetus, newborns, children and teenagers. This means that repeated cycling through all the stages of sleep is essential for the body’s nervous system to develop properly. Furthermore, since babies develop so many motor skills throughout the first year of their life, sleep is essential in order to allow the body to reach it’s optimum potential in terms of rolling, sitting, crawling and walking. Infant sleep cycles need to be longer than 45 minutes in order for a full, restorative cycle to be completed. If one has a poor napper, that is all the more reason to address night sleep as soon as possible so that the infant or child is at least getting some chance to develop their nervous system and motor skills properly…”

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