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Family Sleep Institute

web-header-NEWThe Family Sleep Institute’s affordable Child Sleep Consultant Certification program’s goal is to instruct and teach students on all aspects of sleep related training from newborns to school age children.  We feel it’s important for graduating Child Sleep Consultants to help the most families who are struggling with sleep issues irregardless of their age and parenting styles. Since all families are different we feel it’s critical that well trained Child Sleep Consultants are able to adjust advice and support to compliment the families parenting styles and wishes. The one philosophy that our Child Sleep Consultants do believe in is the one the works for that individual family.


Babee Covee

web-header-NEWThe mom and nurse invented Babee CoveeTM has become a baby gear must have for parents and caretakers. This luxury 6-in-1 multi-use, baby blanket and cover protects babies and toddlers from germs where ever you go, and eliminates the need to buy, pack, and carry bulky single purpose items every time you leave home with baby. It saves time, space, money and provides a clean, germ-free area for baby or toddler where ever you go! Its six uses are: 1) car seat “tent” cover 2) nursing cover 3) shopping cart cover 4) high chair cover 5) stroller blanket and 6) playtime blanket.

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Woombie Baby Swaddleweb-header-NEW

Over a half million happy babies and parents to date… and counting! The Woombie baby swaddle was designed by a RN & Certified Infant Care Specialist, providing the safest and most comfortable swaddle for your baby. Gently hugging the shoulders, tummy and hips, the Woombie allows for natural movement, softly cocooning your baby without restricting mobility or development. The fabric mimics the feeling of touch and cuddle, re-creating the womb environment that baby felt prior to birth, which is so important for calming baby and preventing flailing arms. The Woombie has been shown to promote a more natural and peaceful sleep environment for infants resulting in longer periods of sleep with less restlessness- which is why Infant Care Experts recommend the Woombie to institute successful sleep patterns from birth to 6 months. The Woombie prevents issues such as startling, face scratching, overheating and dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby’s face.


Little Fishkopplittle fishkopp logo

Little Fishkopp was launched in 2015 as a German-inspired organic kids clothing brand. Because we are committed to making eco-friendly clothing that lasts, all of our products are crafted from 100% certified organic cotton. In addition to being free of harmful substances, our cotton is super soft, so it feels great on the skin and is comfortable and cozy for kids. We believe that safe and functional products can still be fun and stylish. We are passionate about our unique, Nordic designs with bright and bold colors. All this adds up to high-quality products that give parents peace of mind and that kids love to wear.